The European Commission adopts the first update of Annex VIII to CLP

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Annex VIII: what does it bring to the table?

The European Commission adopts  the first update  of Annex VIII to CLPAccording to Article 45 of CLP regulation, importers and downstream users who put hazardous mixtures on the market must notify relevant information concerning emergency health response to appointed bodies.

The publication of Regulation 2017/542 takes the place of CLP Annex VIII with the aim of harmonizing this submission process, as well as the data format, for the whole EU.

Adoption of the Delegated Act

The European Commission has adopted the Annex VIII update, previously promoted with unanimous consent by the CARACAL (competent authorities for REACH and CLP) which will postpone the first deadline concerning the harmonized declaration of mixtures intended for consumer use from January 1st 2020 to January 1st 2021. This adoption will be followed by a two-month period of scrutiny by the European Parliament and European Council: if neither of them objects, the adoption enters into force after being published in the Official Journal.

A second update is expected during 2020

The European Commission is also working with solving some of the issues raised by stakeholders and national authorities about the workability of the notification requirements, such as the difficulty of knowing the exact composition of products in case of complex supply chains.

Another update of Annex VIII is expected during 2020, before the first compliance date when importers and downstream users are required to start complying with the new rule.

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To access Reg. (EU) 2017/542 and the text of the delegated act of the amendment, please use the following links:

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