The IFRA module

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selerant-logo-hThe installation of the IFRA module creates in HazEx Professional the menu item necessary to activate the calculation of IFRA documents and to set the concentration limits for substances.

How does it work?

Through the input mask it is possible to enter the information required by the calculation:

  • Concentration limits and limitations of use by category;
  • Groups of substances;
  • Note;
  • Furthermore, if the "essential oils management" is activated, a flag can be used to specify whether the preparation is an essential oil.


The IFRA limits section present in the module allows to insert for each class a different dosage limit (% limit column).
Through the table devoted to the groups of substances, it is possible to indicate the belonging of a specific substance to one or more groups or categories.


There is the possibility to manage special classes that allow the setting of limitations on substances for several classes at the same time, according to the subdivisions implemented in the IFRA amendments prior to the 46th. The table has been extracted from the document "IFRA RIFM QRA Information booklet V6.pdf", table 4.

The model allows the creation of two documents:

  • The IFRA certificate: it is the document model that is generated by the module in accordance with the IFRA code of practice.
  • The IFRA analysis document: is a useful tool for the modification of formulas. It is aimed at making the product compatible with multiple regulatory criteria and restrictions related to the use of specific substances. The reporting capabilities offered by the IFRA module allow the user to quickly evaluate the composition of the product.

To facilitate the data entry, the IFRA limits written in the document "IFRA Standards Overview (48th Amendment)", available on the IFRA website, have been included in the installation scripts.
Only substances with a CAS number in the "IFRA Standards Overview (48th Amendment)" file are created in the database. Substances whose CAS number is empty are not created.

Data and regulatory references are updated by Trace One according to the IFRA updates. The IFRA module also offers the possibility to modify documents and calculate dosages in order to best adapt them to the needs of our customers (additional classes, special classes and report formatting).

Is the module available?

The module is available for our customers: please contact our Customer Service at  to schedule a phone appointment with an Application Specialist and to organize a free demo or ask for more information about the module.

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