Europe: The Open Public Consultation about the next REACH Regulation Revision has been published

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opcThe Open Public Consultation process

REACH Regulation 1907/2006 EC, which entered into force on June 1st 2007, governs the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals with the purpose of making the use of chemicals safer and improving the protection of human health and of the environment. Primary goals of REACH are also those of promoting the development of alternative methods for the assessment of substances’ hazards and of guaranteeing the free circulation of substances on the internal market of the European Union.

Thus, in order to gather feedback about various topics and to address the most relevant technical aspects in the future revisions of the Regulation, last January 20th 2022 the European Commission published a dedicated Open Survey, which will feed directly into the work of the European Commission.

The survey: what’s new?

Here below we report the most interesting among the topics discussed, hinting at what may be the future intentions of the European Commission:

  • Revision of the registration requirements, particularly regarding polymers
  • Possible introduction of MAFs (Mixture Assessment Factor), in order to address the health effects induced by the combined exposure to several chemicals simultaneously
  • Simplification of communication of Safety Data Sheets in the supply chain
  • Revision of the authorization and restriction process, including the possible introduction of the concept of “essential use”.

This Consultation will run unting April 15th 2022.

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