The Trem Manager Module for hazardous goods transport

Posted By: Trace One

trem-manager--adr-iata-imdg-1By installing the module you will gain access to a series of options that will enable you to obtain specific transport information as depicted in ADR, IATA, IMDG and more.


How does it works?

The module can be used in two ways: the user can apply a manual ADR classification, or let the software calculate the ADR classification.
Both modes let the user obtain a specific UN number: manual ADR has the user specify a UN number, to which the software will automatically associate all relevant information, such as packing group; by choosing the calculation, the software will evaluate possible UN numbers that apply to the product based on its hazard classification and characteristics.


In both cases, the resulting ADR information will be shown in the main Trace One SDS Authoring Professional panel.


The same information will be shown in Section 14 of the SDS.


Moreover, the resulting transport pictograms can be used in label templates generated through our HazPrintNET labelling solution.


The software also contains information regarding other transport regulations, such as the DOT (including its specific non-ADR numbers).

Trace One regularly updates its transport database, following periodical updates of the relevant regulations.

The module is available to our customers. To obtain it, contact us at in order to have a phone meeting with one of our Application Specialists, organise a free demo, or simply ask for more information regarding the module.

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