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Annex VIII: what does it bring to the table?

According to Article 45 of CLP regulation, importers and downstream users who put hazardous mixtures on the market must notify relevant information concerning emergency health response to appointed bodies.

The publication of Regulation 2020/1677 takes the place of CLP Annex VIII with the aim of harmonizing this submission process, as well as the data format, for the whole EU.

The technical format used for the communication of data is also harmonized (“PCN format”), periodically issued by ECHA and based also on the latest technical implementation of IUCLID, the ECHA application on which the harmonized format is based.

Last October 25th, ECHA relaseased the latest update of the PCN format (“v 4.0”), implementing some useful feature to the existing format.

PCN format 4.0. What’s new?

Among the feature introduced by the PCN 4.0 format, we point out:

  • Various update to the EUPCs and packaging phrases list
  • Addition of the “ceased from market” feature, allowing to mark a specific market placement as obsolete
  • Implementation of the multikit component identifier, allowing to uniquely identify the different components of a multikit product

These technical changes are currently under analysis and we will share any development in this regard. In any case, we would like to point out that it will be possible to continue to generate notifications using the currently implemented format on Trace One solutions ("v 3.0").

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