The VOC Module

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Installing this module will allow you to add and check specific data needed for VOC calculation, thanks to a series of dedicated windows and menus.

How does it work?

The VOC module executes calculations according to the needs defined in regulation 2004/42/EC. By filling data in the appropriate fields, the program will generate the corresponding results.

To ease the input of initial data on the substance, it’s possible to obtain existing data directly from the database.


Concerning mixture-specific data, such information (such as volatility) can be specified through a dedicated menu.


By installing this module it will be possible to show VOC information in the safety data sheet.

The user can show the data as percentage (“%”), gram/kilogram ( “g/kg”) or gram/liter (“g/l”).

Through HazPrintNET and LabelDrawNET printing solutions the user can print VOC data on the label:


Module avalability

The VOC module is available to our customers: contact our customer service at to schedule a call with one of our application specialists, to organize a free demo, or to obtain further info regarding the module.

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