How the right tools facilitate compliance with regulations from recipe development to product launch

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Posted By: Suzana Tripologos

This is the first post in a series adapted from our 2022 User Conference panel discussion about "Leveraging Technology to Confidently Move Products Around the Globe."

Panel participants:
Suzana Tripologos, Trace One
Lindsay Runnels, Ghirardelli
Linda Lewis, Brown-Forman
Alex Eapen, Cargill

Regulatory staff at food manufacturing companies tend to be highly trained and highly skilled. But at many firms, regulatory experts are forced to focus on mundane, routine tasks instead of important, high-level issues because they lack access to the right tools and technologies. 

It makes good business sense to provide such team members with the state-of-the-art resources they need to be efficient and able to bring their knowledge to bear where it really matters. 

Without purpose-built tools, regulatory experts must fend for themselves

In the absence of great technology, regulatory teams are forced to pull from whatever resources they can find to keep abreast of a constantly changing regulatory landscape. Resources such as newsletters, unfamiliar websites, and hearsay can prove to be unreliable. There is also the issue of global compliance with complex regulations being published in multiple languages. Depriving such teams of the right tools is an inefficient way to do business. 

Compliance is quicker and easier with state-of-the-art tools 

With Trace One Regulatory Compliance, regulatory staff can quickly get to the root of their work:

  • Run quick compliance checks on formulations
  • Receive email alerts with aggregate news tailored to each user’s needs
  • Receive early notifications of regulation changes 
  • Access a robust global regulation library 
  • Take advantage of global regulatory consulting expertise
  • Integrate with Trace One's formula-based PLM system Trace One Devex PLM

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