Translate labels and SDS for different countries with the 'Language package'

| Safety Data Sheets
Posted By: Trace One

Translate labels and SDS for different countries with the "Language package"The current regulation requires safety data sheets and labels to be prepared in the official language of the country to which the chemical product is going to be sent. In order to comply with this requirement, the language package can be activated in the Trace One SDS Authoring suite. Once this package is active, SDS and labels can be printed in many different languages thanks to the translated statements that become available within the Trace One database.

Language package: what is it?

The language package contains all translations of our database. These statements are those extracted from the official regulation directly in the target language, as well as those unofficial statements included in the software itself.

How to install the Language package

Once you have decided which language you need and have bought them, you will receive an email describing the installing process, including how to obtain license keys related to those languages.

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