UFI in the label: What? How? When?

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How should I add UFIs in my labels?

ufi-labels_02During the first joint convention of Trace One and Normachem, one of the hottest topics has been that of UFIs. A UFI, which stands for "Unique Formula Identifier", is an alphanumeric code that must be printed on the label of a product. The UFI creates a unique link between the mixture being put on the market and its specific information, which are sent to what will be the European Poison Centre. In this way, if an emergency arises the UFI will allow first aid responders to identify the product quickly and reliably.

During the convention a question came up, concerning the use of UFI in the label. Is it possible to add a UFI to a product's existing label?

Thankfully, CLP Annex VIII provides an answer. At point 5.2, the Regulation states the following:

“The submitter shall print or affix the UFI on the label of a hazardous mixture. The UFI shall be preceded by the acronym “UFI” in capital letters and it shall be clearly visible, legible and indelibly marked.”

This means that a UFI can be added later, but only on the label itself. It is forbidden to apply the UFI on the packaging itself outside the label, as specified in an ECHA FAQ that can be found on the ECHA Poison Centres website.

Finally, an exception exists to point 5.2 of CLP Annex VIII: Only for hazardous mixtures for industrial use and unpackaged mixtures, it is possible to show the UFI only on the Safety Data Sheet.

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