UK Publishes the Eggs (England) Regulations 2021

Posted By: Trace One

On December 13th, 2021, the Secretary of State of England (UK) issued the “The Eggs (England) Regulations 2021 No.1413” in accordance with sections 37 and 50(3) of the Agriculture Act 2020.

The scope of the proposal highlights as follows:

  • The Regulations extend to England and Wales, and apply to England only;
  • Amendment to Regulation (EC) No 589/2008 lays down detailed rules for implementing Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007as regards to marketing standards for eggs is amended;
  • The regulation EUR 2008/589 is amended by S.I. 2019/1422 for the marketing standards of eggs;
  • Article 24(3), in the first subparagraph, the words from “at the time” to “free circulation” are substituted by “before being offered for sale to the final consumer or to mass caterers”;
  • The regulations amend the retained European regulation that establishes marketing standards for eggs.

The regulation shall come into force on January 01st, 2022.

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