Update concerning the new European Safety Data Sheets Regulation

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Annex II of REACH and requirements for SDS compilation

Update concerning the new European Safety Data Sheets Regulation

Regulation 2015/830, published on May 28th 2015, amends Annex II of Regulation (EU) 1907/2006 (REACH) setting the requirements for the compilation of Safety Data Sheets, a key element for the communication of information regarding chemical substances and mixtures in the European Union.

Last June 26th the European Commission published Regulation 2020/878 which will replace the previous regulatory reference for the compilation of Safety Data Sheets (Regulation 2015/830).

Regulation 2020/878: what’s new?

Among the major changes to the SDS requirements, we report:

  • Additional information regarding endocrine disruptors in section 2.3, 11 and 12
  • Changes in the criteria for reporting substances in section 3.2
  • Revision of section 9 content
  • Inclusion of UFI code in section 1.1 (e.g. products without label)

Implementation timing

The application date is January 1st 2021. However, according to Article 2 of the Regulation, SDS complying with Regulation 2015/830 may continue to be provided until December 31st 2022.

Following a communication given on August 7th 2020, Italian REACH Helpdesk provided a new interpretation, disagreeing with the previous one.

According to this interpretation, the transitional period in place until December 31st 2022 also applies to SDSs updated after January 1st, 2021. However, after January 1st 2021, the generation of SDSs of new products must be compliant to the new format.

Trace One is awaiting further clarifications from the European authorities and official communications on the matter. In any case, the analysis of the update for its solutions has already been planned.

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