US Establishes Exemption Requirement of Tolerance for Bacillus Subtilis Strain AFSO32321

| Contaminants & Pesticides
Posted By: Baviya Priyadharshini

Trace One_European-Union-Microbiological-Zoonosis-February2020On April 08th, 2022, the United States Environmental Protection Agency published an article on "Bacillus Subtilis Strain AFS032321; Exemption from the Requirement of a Tolerance”.


The document summarizes the following:

  • Establishes exemption from the requirement of a tolerance for residues of Bacillus subtilis strain AFS032321 in or on all food commodities;
  • The allowed conditions of use must comply in accordance with label directions and good agricultural practices;
  • Risk assessment data ensures the safety of infants and the general population is adequately protected based on the Toxicological profile and dietary exposure;
  • Short‐term and long‐term intake of residues resulting from the use of tolerance on these food products is unlikely to pose a health risk to consumers.

The regulation is effective from April 8th, 2022.

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