Cypermethrin; Pesticide Tolerances

US Establishes Maximum Residue Limits for Cypermethrin in Certain Food Commodities

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Posted By: Sandhya Sashikumar

tea and spicesOn October 4th, 2023, the U.S Federal Register published a regulation by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency on the maximum residue level on “Cypermethrin, Pesticide Tolerances, 40 CFR 180.418, 88 FR 68475”.

The scope of the document summarizes the following points:

  • The tolerances are set for residues of Cypermethrin in or on All spices, fruits, tea, peppers, roots, etc.;
  • Maximum residue levels for Spices and Fruits are established at 0.5ppm; Tea at 15ppm and certain roots at 0.2ppm;
  • The risk-based exposure study concludes the safety of infants, children, and the general population is adequately protected;
  • Short‐term and long‐term intake of residues resulting from the use of tolerance on these food products is unlikely to pose any health risk to consumers.

The regulation is effective from October 4th, 2023.

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