US Extends Emergency Tolerance for Pesticides Kasugamycin on Almonds

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Posted By: Sandhya Sashikumar

eu-proposes-import-tolerances-for-the-pesticide-deltamethrin (3) (1)On December 18th, 2023, the U.S Federal Register published a regulation by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency on “Kasugamycin; Extension of Time-Limited Tolerance for Emergency Exemption”. 

The scope of the document summarizes the following: 

  • The regulation extends time-limited tolerances for residues of kasugamycin in or on almond and almond, hulls;
  • The maximum residue limits established in or on almonds at 0.04 (ppm); and almond hulls at 0.4 ppm for an additional 3-year period;
  • The tolerances will expire and are revoked on December 31, 2026.

The regulation is effective from December 18, 2023. 

To view the complete regulation, check out the Food News Monitoring System.