US FDA Amends List of Colour Additives for the Safe Use of Butterfly Pea Flower Extract

Posted By: Baviya Priyadharshini

On September 2nd, 2021, the United States Food Drug Administration amended the “List of Color Additives Exempt from Certification; Butterfly Pea Flower Extract” in various food categories.

The main scope of the document is summarized as follows:

  • Use applications of the extract in Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages, sport and energy drinks, chewing gum, teas, coated nuts, candies, etc;
  • The use level of the amount of butterfly pea flower extract is safe and it does not exceed levels consistent with good manufacturing practice;
  • Butterfly pea flower extract is not likely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans at its intended use levels;
  • No potential toxic effects are associated with the use of either butterfly pea flower extract or its anthocyanins and flavonol components from the literature that warrant further chronic toxicity studies.

To view the complete assessment report, check out the Food News Monitoring System.