US Issues New Maximum Residue Limits for Multiple Pesticides

| Contaminants & Pesticides
Posted By: Baviya Priyadharshini

Trace One_Russian-Federation-Product-Standards-2020-1

On May 15 and 18, 2020, the US Federal Register has published new multiple residue limits for the following pesticides:

  • Methyl Mercaptan: Exemption From the Requirement of a Tolerance;
  • Fluridone: modified pesticide tolerances for avocado, fruit stone, pistachio, pomegranate and tangerine;
  • Isoxaben: new tolerance levels for caneberry subgroup 13–07A and hop, dried cones;
  • Acequinocyl: new limit for bushberry;

The new maximum residue limits are applicable from the publication date of the notifications in the Federal Register.

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