Water hazard for Germany

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According to this regulation, in Germany every substance or mixture must be included in one of these WGK classes:


Trace One offers to its customers the WGK module for Trace One SDS Authoring Professional, which enables the menu items required to calculate the WGK class of mixtures and assign the classification of substances.

How does it work?

The WGK module calculates the water hazard classification using a flow chart available in the current regulations.

The item WGK calculation allows you to set the information required for the calculation of the substances:

  • WGK classification
  • if the substance is a dispersing agent


Information on the hazard of the substance (e.g. carcinogenicity) is taken automatically from the WGK calculation for those substances where the hazard has been previously set.

Once the parameters have been set at substance level, the calculation for the mixture can be done:


The module offers the possibility to disable the automatic calculation and to set manually the values of
WGK classification, via the "Calculate Classification?" menu or the button "Disable Calculation"

Data integration in the Material Safety Data Sheet:

The WGK module allows you to view the calculated data in the MSDS and, if necessary, print it on a label:


The module is available to our customers.
To obtain it, contact us at eu-customer-service@selerant.com in order to have a phone meeting with one of our Application Specialists, organise a free demo, or simply ask for more information regarding the module.

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