Retail collaboration: how companies and consumers benefit

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Posted By: Trace One

Now that the retail sector is more competitive and complex than ever, retailers and suppliers around the world need new ways to adapt. That’s why Trace One is helping retail companies collaborate more efficiently while saving time and effort by launching Trace One Network.


This modern, online solution is the only offering on the market that serves all Private Label needs for retail companies across global markets. By centralizing essential retail activities in one place, Trace One Network will improve collaboration and communication across the retail world. To keep up-to-date with retail trends, users can receive notifications and take action, all from the convenience of a mobile device or computer.


How retailers win

With the network, retailers can build and nurture relationships and set strategic partnerships. To explain how suppliers can comply with their specific terms and conditions, retailers can publish their brand guidelines in the knowledge center. In addition, retailers can ensure suppliers are reliable and compliant by using assessments to track whether suppliers respond to their business communications and surveys.


Overall, Trace One Network helps retailers improve retail process efficiency, and boost their agility and speed to market to adapt to industry pressures.


How suppliers win

The network allows suppliers to put their best face forward to spark communication and connect to retailers and buyers as potential business partners. For greater visibility, suppliers can also share company news and industry insights on the online knowledge center news feed to attract potential business partners around the world.

Overall, Trace One Network can help suppliers boost their brand awareness, speed to market, assess their business partners, and sales growth.


Companies and consumers benefit

The upcoming launch of Trace One Network will allow retail companies to benefit from easier, more efficient communication – both within their organization and with business partners as they develop Private Label products. Retail partners will boost their speed to market for innovative products, which can give them first-mover advantage and maximize sales.


Best of all, when retail partners collaborate better, they serve shoppers better. Consumers also win because retail companies can respond to their needs more promptly by delivering a greater variety of innovative products, which improves the customer experience.

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