Trace One grows customer base in 2023

Trace One doubles in size and significantly grows customer base in 2023

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Changing Needs, New Challenges: Trace One Meets Each Customer “Where They Are.”

In 2023 Trace One saw explosive growth, both at the company and customer level. Completing its acquisition of Selerant, the company doubled in size. The combined customer portfolio ranges wide from ingredient suppliers and process manufacturers to CPG retailers around the world, effectively positioning Trace One as the only PLM and compliance solutions providers to cover the end-to-end product lifecycle, from idea to shelf.

New products, more vendors to manage, expanded processes, compliance bottlenecks—Trace One pivots with customers to meet their changing business challenges. Customers tell us that we listen and learn about what they will need in the future while at the same time, solving their pressing problems now. Our product lifecycle management (PLM) software for process manufacturers, Trace One Devex PLM, and Trace One PLM for CPG retailers helps create and safeguard effective processes and uncover ways to improve all aspects of the product development process. Trace One SDS and Trace One Regulatory Compliance ensure compliance requirements are reported every step of the way, so brands can save time and money and get their products to market faster.

We’d like to highlight some exciting customer partnerships we began this year:


From fragmented to powerful processes

Post Consumer Brands (PCB), the home to more than 25 iconic cereals, as well as legendary peanut butter and pet foods, operated with a limiting database—it was fragmented and nonadaptive. With avalanching regulatory constraints and a restrictive product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, the company was not able to respond as well as it might to marketplace demands. We were able to partner with them and deliver one of Trace One’s largest global PLM initiatives in the food industry. Trace One Devex PLM helped PCB decrease time-to-market and implement a global, companywide product development platform while successfully integrating a recently acquired business.

PCB leaders were impressed with how we listened and reacted to their needs before identifying the solution that would bolster their growth in the years ahead.

R&D and formulation support

Trace One worked with Naos, the international skincare powerhouse, to overhaul its project management processes with an eye towards managing risk. Prior to our work together, the company had challenging experiences with other PLM solutions, and were disappointed with the speed, user interface and inability to customize R&D queries. Using its original PLM solution for formulations would not support growth and added to their headaches.

Now, Trace One Devex PLM protects their treasured in-house brain trust by automating one-off problems and baking in efficiencies at every step of the product development process.

Silos conquered

AAK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant-based oils, needed to streamline its new product development and introduction (NPDI) processes across too many silos. Trace One guided them through the RFP experience by helping to identify crucial workflow requirements. AAK leaders said that Trace One’s customer references helped them build trust right away. Now, AAK has a single source of truth to become more responsive to both new opportunities and current customers.

Keeping a competitive advantage

Ocean Spray needed Trace One Devex PLM to improve time to market and retain its dominance in its product line. The team at Ocean Spray provided a clear path for Trace One to meet each of their deliverables, and our PLM professionals assisted in shaping the implementation and deployment, ultimately beating out major competitors to win the business. As part of the project, Trace One Regulatory Compliance helped Ocean Spray achieve end-to-end integration of their regulatory needs.

End-to-end visibility

Beloved UK beverage and food brand Foster Clark selected Trace One Devex PLM to help them work through their own RFP process, checking off the boxes for a fully functioning NPDI workflow, from manually managed, siloed data to traceable, actionable information.

Supplier collaboration

Looking to centralize and standardize ingredient supplier data, confectionary giant Glico Asia Pacific selected Trace One Devex PLM for its product development needs. Trace One’s customer references across the confectionary industry proved instrumental in convincing Glico of our ability to build a lasting partnership that will scale across the business as we grow together.

Improving data integrity

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the iconic friend chicken restaurant, struggled with siloed data between suppliers and internal teams from quality, new product development (NPD), compliance, regulatory and corporate social responsibility (CSR) departments. They needed to drive down error rates, drive efficiencies, and reduce risk, ultimately protecting their brand. After their first comprehensive PLM solution implementation, Trace One PLM allowed them to pull together multiple data formats among centralized and decentralized repositories and create a harmonious workflow to serve both internal and external stakeholders.

Compliance early and often

To meet the highest food safety standards, the world's leader in oilseed processing and a leading producer and supplier of specialty plant-based oils and fat chose Trace One Regulatory Compliance, Trace One’s web-based regulatory software, to stay ahead of constantly changing regulations.

Prinova uses Trace One Regulatory Compliance to access comprehensive, immediate and reliable regulatory intelligence delivered straight to their regulatory, quality and R&D teams around the world. Now, they can meet regulations as they arise, with the latest in global compliance built into their Trace One software.

Interfood, a leading global supplier of dairy ingredients and products, needed a way to stay updated about legislative changes and regulations. After trying Trace One Regulatory Compliance, they were able to consolidate their main requirements with a cost profile that fit their budget.

Pioneering international food and agriculture company J.R. Simplot Company needed both a consulting partner and a software solution. Trace One Regulatory Compliance fit the bill to deliver both the tools and the expertise to enhance and bolster their regulatory response.

SDS authoring and EHS compliance

Evercompounds came to the table with the “classic” compliance profile. As manufacturers of semi-finished rubber products for automotive, high-and low-pressure hoses, cables, building, electrical household appliances, and more, they had diverse compliance needs. Fortunately, Trace One SDS, software that generates material safety data sheets (SDS) during the product lifecycle, allowed them to systemize their varied product needs in one, compliant software package.

One-off safety data sheets eat up time and other resources at a frightening clip. Edible barrier technology provider Nabaco, Inc. makes sure fruits of all kinds stay fresh with its safe, naturally derived edible barrier technology. The company now uses Trace One SDS to automatically issue material safety data sheets (SDS) at the correct time in the process.

About Trace One

Trace One is a global leader in PLM and compliance solutions within the process manufacturing and retail CPG space. With more than 30 years of industry expertise, we deliver innovative and scalable solutions that support the entire product manufacturing lifecycle and equip our customers to thrive in new markets. Serving more than 9,000 brand owners worldwide, Trace One is committed to delivering the best in every aspect of business, including solutions, data standardization and access, customer success and social and environmental responsibility.

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