Trace One SDS Authoring Case Study

Independent perfumer boosts product safety, efficiency and innovation with Trace One SDS Authoring

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Parfumolivera, a startup fragrance company, focuses on bringing high-quality and exquisite scents to customers. Based in Switzerland, Parfumolivera began operating in 2019 and has already introduced several successful natural and synthetic perfumes to the market.


Staying ahead of regulatory changes Challenge

For Parfumolivera, customer safety comes first. There is no wiggle room when it comes to guaranteeing safety, especially for a fragrance company like Parfumolivera. Still, time spent analyzing a formula for the latest requirements is time away from developing new products.

Staying up-to-date with constantly changing regulatory requirements is a challenge. In order to integrate the newest guidance from regulatory and governing bodies like the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), Parfumolivera dedicates significant workhours to following compliance measures. Parfumolivera needs all products to be clearly labeled and certified by IFRA. 

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IFRA ready Solution

Parfumolivera chose Trace One SDS Authoring solution for managing product safety and lifecycle. Trace One SDS Authoring with the IFRA module allows Parfumolivera to quickly author safety data sheets (SDS), perform regulatory calculations on formulas, and generate IFRA certificates and product labels. With Trace One SDS Authoring configured for markets and modules, Parfumolivera has reduced time spent verifying data accuracy while critical regulatory measures, like analyzing formulas, are handled by a trusted partner.

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