A draft of the Malaysian GHS update has been published

A draft of the Malaysian GHS update has been published

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The amendments

On June 13th 2022, Malaysia Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) opened consultation regarding the update of the country’s implementation of the GHS standard and SDS criteria, which will align it with the GHS 8. This consultation period ended on August 15th 2022.

Last September 6th 2023, the Malaysian country authority published a proposed list of amendments to Part 2 and 3 of the Industry Code of Practice on Chemicals Classification and Hazard Communication (ICOP), soliciting feedbacks among stakeholders.

The draft GHS: what’s new?

As a reminder, DOSH Malaysia plans to introduce the following changes to its previous GHS implementation following the building-block approach:

  • Subcategorization for flammable gases, category 1 in 1A and 1B
  • Addition of new hazard categories, pyrophoric gases and chemically unstable gases, within the hazard class flammable gases
  • Addition of category 3 to the Aerosol classification
  • Addition of the desensitized explosive hazard classification
  • Implementation of Skin irritation, category 3
  • Subcategorization of Eye irritant, category 2 in 2A and 2B
  • Subcategorization of Respiratory/Skin sensitization category 1 in 1A and 1B

Furthermore, a guidance on the selection of the precautionary statements for labelling has also been proposed, allowing for the reduction of the number of precautionary statements up to six, unless the severity of the hazard(s) requires otherwise.

While the consultation period ends November 10th 2023, Malaysia DOSH has yet to provide an official proposed implementation date. Moreover, it is currently unclear whether a transitional period will be in place.

Traceone (previously known as Trace One) is paying close attention to the evolution of the regulatory situation and will keep you updated on any news in this regard.

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