Canada Extends the Use of Permitted Colouring Agent Gold to Cold-Smoked Salmon Products

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Posted By: Sandhya Sashikumar

salmonOn May 24, 2023, the Health Canada Food Directorate published a regulation to enable the “Use of Gold to Cold-Smoked Salmon Products”.  

The document emphasizes the following key information:  

  • Approves the use of gold flakes as a garnish on the surface of cold-smoked, ready-to-eat salmon products;
  • The maximum level of use for this food enzyme is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP);
  • The additive is already permitted at the level of GMP in unstandardized alcoholic beverages and liqueurs;
  • The regulation further amends the list of permitted colouring agents.  

This regulation is effective from May 24, 2023.

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