Europe - CLP Revision: a final draft has been published

Europe - CLP Revision: a final draft has been published

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Posted By: Trace One

The CLP Regulation

The objectives of Reg. 1272/2008 (CLP) are to ensure both a high level of protection of human health and the environment and preserving the free movement of substances and mixtures. While the European Union has overall achieved these goals by constantly revising and adapting to the technical progress the CLP Regulation, certain weakness or gaps have yet to be fully solved.

Following the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Green Deal and the addition of four new hazard classifications (endocrine disruptors for health and environment, PBT/vPvB and PMT/vPvM) with EU Reg. 2023/707, the EU Commission published a draft of the CLP Revision, allowing a in-depth look at the other topics discussed.

The key points

Among others, the following key points whose solutions will be object of a future CLP Revision have been discussed:

  • The minimum font-size and distance between lines, which will depend also on the capacity of the package
  • Clarification regarding the need to report on label as product identifiers according to EU CLP Article 18 the components most responsible to the Endocrine disruptor, PBT/vPvB and PMT/vPvM characteristics of the mixture.
  • Characteristics of a fold-out label

The text also refers to the possibility to digitalize certain label information.

Traceone (previously known as Selerant) is paying close attention to the evolution of the regulatory situation and will keep you updated on any news in this regard.

For more information regarding the draft text, please consult the following link: