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Trace One, the leading global provider of process-based product lifecycle management and consulting services for manufacturers has merged with Trace One, the largest collaborative retail business platform for consumer-packaged goods (CPG).
Founded in 2001, Trace One offers a suite of integrated cloud solutions for the creation and management of CPG products underpinned by a retail and manufacturer community that sits at the heart of the industry ecosystem. Since April 2021, Trace One has been backed by Symphony Technology Group (“STG”), a leading Menlo Park, California based software and data analytics-focused private equity firm with approximately $6 billion assets under management.
Together, Trace One and Trace One becomes the world’s largest specialist CPG-focused software group supporting over 5000 retailers, suppliers and process manufacturers worldwide representing a global supply chain of over $500B in annual revenue.
Our combined solutions will offer complete traceability throughout the product lifecycle from source, with comprehensive coverage of ingredient suppliers, process manufacturing and retail to provide an unrivalled 360° view of the product development process.
The Trace One and Trace One group will unlock exciting opportunities for manufacturers to benefit from supplier, market and retail intelligence delivered by Trace One Insight and Marketplace, the world’s largest CPG network. For NPDI, these unique capabilities will support accelerated product innovation and improve insight-driven decision making across the supply chain.
Trace One’s deep experience in SaaS solutions and in supply chain management, procurement and trend analysis synergizes with Trace One’s unique competence in regulatory and compliance management, hazard management and formula based product development.
“With this new relationship, we’ll be able to scale while continuing to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect, all while increasing global coverage, extending our products to retailers, and leveraging Trace One’s experience in delivering leading SaaS solutions. We are excited to join forces with the Trace One team to offer an even better value proposition to Trace One’s and Trace One’s customers,” said Carlo Colombo, Founder and CEO of Trace One.
“Trace One is thrilled to welcome Trace One, its customers, and the entire Trace One team. We share the same culture and ambitions of delivering our value proposition to the entire CPG industry,” adds Trace One CEO, Christophe Vanackère.
Trace One and Trace One together have over 50 years invested in the service of the industry.
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About Trace One
Founded in 2001, Trace One is the world's largest collaborative retail business platform for consumer-packaged goods (CPG). Trace One offers a suite of integrated cloud solutions for the creation and management of CPG products. We’ve created a global community of 5,000+ brand owners spanning more than 100 countries. Our smart solutions let them collaborate and innovate on remarkable products worth over $300 billion every year. We’ve been helping them create products that consumers really want since 2001, through bigger (and faster) thinking.
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