The “Detergents” module

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detergents module

The installation of the “Detergents” module creates a dedicated menu into Trace One SDS Authoring Professional. It will gives you access to all the functionalities available, according to the requirements of regulation 648/2004, annex VII:

  • calculation of the indication of the content;
  • generation of the ingredient datasheet for the medical personnel (“Medical document”);
  • generation of the public ingredient datasheet (“Documents”);
  • generation of the technical datasheet (customized document for internal use).


How does it work?

It is possible to define the type of each substance, according to the 2 categories specified by annex VII.


Moreover, it is possible to specify if the substance is an allergen or a preservative to be declared in the label. Allergens will be pointed out if present in concentration above 0,01%, preservatives will be pointed out regardless their concentrations.
Once set the appropriate values for substances, it is possible to launch the calculation of the product content. Here an example of the result of calculation:


The data obtained will be displayed in the SDS:


By using our printing solution HazPrinNET it will be possible to print the piece of information obtained using a label template that can be further customized. In the following example, you will see the result of the calculation divided in the 4 sections:


Finally, the “Detergents” module allows the generation of documents as detailed by regulation 648/2004 CE, annex VII, points C and D:

  • ingredient datasheet by means of the entry “medical documents”
  • public ingredient datasheet by means of the entry “web documents”


In addition to the documents previously described, a third model (technical data sheet) is provided. It shows the summary of the product content and the list of substances present in the base exploded formulation and in the danger formulation.
The documents provided, together with the “Detergents” module, can be modified directly by the user in order to customize the final result.

Is the module available?

The module is available for our customers: please contact our Customer Service at to schedule a phone appointment with an Application Specialist and to organize a free demo or ask for more information about the module.

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