The GB MCL list has been updated

The GB MCL list has been updated

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Posted By: Trace One

GB MCL Decision

Following the recently published proposal by the HSE, UK government ministers, with the agreement of Scottish and Welsh ministers, decided to accept the Recommendation concerning the Mandatory Classification and Labelling (GB MCL) of 25 chemical substances.

GB CLP update: what’s new?

Under Article 37 and Article 37A of the GB CLP Regulation, the update of the GB MCL list includes new or revised mandatory classifications and labelling for the 25 chemical substances among which potassium chlorate, sodium chlorate, cinnamaldehyde and allyl methacrylate.

GB CLP update: when?

The dates of entry into force is the 2nd March 2024, while the compliance date is the 2nd September 2025.

Traceone has planned a regulatory analysis regarding this topic and will keep you updated on it.

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