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UK Publishes Amendment on Alcoholic Beverages (England) Regulation

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Posted By: Ashwanandhini Govindarajan

Alcoholic Beverages (1)On March 08, 2023, the Secretary of State of Legislation UK published Regulations on “The Alcoholic Beverages (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2023” per section 6(1)(e) of the Food Safety Act 1990. 

The scope of the document includes the following points
  • To indicate the actual alcoholic strength of a beverage with an alternate indicator (“% alc/vol”);
  • The actual alcoholic strength of the wine must be expressed to a figure of not more than one decimal point;
  • The label of wine products with two or more wine grape varieties shall be marketed with 95% made from grape varieties instead of 100%;
  • These Regulations extend to England and Wales.

The regulation is effective from March 29, 2023. 

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