Product Lifecycle Management

Trace One PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Suite covers every stage of the product lifecycle. Trace One PLM lets brand owners collaborate and accelerate the product specification development process, smoothing the way to get remarkable products into consumer’s hands more quickly.

What is a PLM?

Trace One PLM Platform is a unique centralized collaborative environment for retailers and FMCG companies to develop consumer packaged goods faster, while mitigating risk. It centralizes all the information produced throughout every phase of a product’s life cycle to make it accessible to everyone within an organization, along with key suppliers and third parties.

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Trace One Product Specification

Manage all data and documents related to a product in a centralized tool, from initial specification to final validation and approval.


  • Standard product category specification templates
  • Collaborative work with validation of the different partners
  • Detailed version control
  • Glossary based solution to drive brand consistency, reduce inaccuracies

Trace One Packaging

Ensure coordination between all stakeholders involved in the packaging and labelling process for shorter time to market.


  • Project management & workflow
  • Centralized and searchable asset library
  • Online annotation and proofing

Trace One Project

Manage project planning and team activities at each stage of your product development process with configurable workflow templates.


  • Automated time-line calculation
  • Detailed process schedules and event tasks be tracked for planning and execution
  • Automatic management of notifications and follow-ups
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Aggregated and structured product information

Legislative compliance across multiple categories. Product innovation through collaborative development. Reduced product recalls and packaging errors. Reduced time to complete through reuse and automation.

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Attractive packaging and accurate labelling (Packaging)

Faster speed to market through standardized processes. Brand consistency. Faster artwork generation through reduced iterations. Reduced product recalls due to labelling errors.

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Managing project complexity

Faster speed to market through coordinated teams. Reduced product launch delays across ranges or mod dates. Integrated Workflows.

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Time-to-market reduction

Rapid collaborative management, from iterations to final specifications, resulting in reduced time-to-market, partial validation and review.


Trace One PLM Suite provides retailers and FMCG manufacturers an open and comprehensive platform to accelerate product development, manage costs, ensure compliance with regulations and meet consumer expectations.

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Exchanging information through the entire product lifecycle - from brief through specifications, packaging and quality management.


  • Manage specifications and develop products

  • Manage quality and legal compliance of products

  • Manage the packaging and artwork process

  • Manage overall projects and workflow timelines

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