Europe: New proposals and public consultations on harmonised CLP classifications

Europe: New proposals and public consultations on harmonised CLP classifications

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Harmonised classification: substance proposals

The Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC), which draws up ECHA’s opinions related to the risks of substances to human health and the environment in the REACH and CLP processes, has published on ECHA website the harmonised classifications that have been proposed for the following substances:

  • 2,2'-iminodiethanol; diethanolamine (EC 203-868-0, CAS 111-42-2); for this substance, already present in Annex VI, Germany is proposing the addition of the following classifications: Acute Tox. 4, H332 with an ATEinhal of 2.8 mg/L for dusts and mists; Carc. 2, H351; Repr. 1B, H360FD. The proposal also focuses on the addition of an ATEoral of 1100 mg/kg bw and haematopoetic system, kidney, nervous system as target organs for the pre-existing STOT RE 2, H373 hazard.
  • 2-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-p-cresol (EC 219-470-5, CAS 2440-22-4); Germany proposes the following harmonised classification: Skin Sens. 1, H317; Aquatic Chronic, H410 with M-factor = 10.

Harmonised classification: public consultation

Public consultation has been opened by the ECHA for clethodim (ISO); (5RS)-2-{(1EZ)-1-[(2E)-3-chloroallyloxyimino]propyl}-5-[(2RS)-2-(ethylthio)propyl]-3-hydroxycyclohex-2-en-1-one (CAS 99129-21-2).

Sweden proposes to add to the pre-existing harmonised classification the following classifications: Self-react. G; STOT RE 2, H373; Aquatic Acute 1, H400 with M-factor=10, together with a worsening of the Aquatic Chronic classification from Cat. 3 to Cat. 1, H410 with M-factor=10 and the addition of the ATEoral = 1133 mg/kg bw.

However, many other hazard classes are open for commenting, such as Explosives, Flammable liquids, Carcinogenicity and Hazardous to the Ozone layer.

For further information concerning the harmonised classification according to CLP, follow these links: